Australian Visa Applications – 10 Insider Secrets for Indians

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Interestingly, there are many people migrating to Australia from India than from any other county in the world. In 2017, 20% of the total Australian Immigrants were from India. The reason is not that it is easy to get an Australian Visa from Indian. If it was so, the rejection rate wouldn’t be as many. Statistics have it that 38,854 Indians applied for Australian Visa in 2017. Of them, only 14,484 were accepted. A whopping 62.7% of applications were rejected. This should not be so. In this article, the 10 Insider secrets for successful Australia Visa application process have been highlighted.

We interviewed one senior staff working with the Migration Institute of Australia and he revealed the following. He sought anonymity though.

1. You Must Produce Evidence for All Claims

This staff of Migration Institute of Australia, whom we interviewed revealed that you must substantiate any claim you make. He says that evidence is what leads to more applications being denied. Visa applications from unsubstantiated claims will not pass the first steps in the Australia visa application process. “Your application is dead on arrival if you don’t have the necessary evidence”, he says. Check out 6 tips that will ensure approval of your Australian visa application.

2. Apply for the Right Visa

Australian immigrants are of different categories. Each category has its own requirements. “Some Visa options, because they have a high chance of approval, have been the most sought-after”. He says, “But you should never lie, if you are got, your Australian Visa application will end there.

3. Be Careful with the Details You Give

Australian Visa application process is delicate. Many applications get knocked along the way. “One of the reasons why most applications are rejected,” he says, “is due to careless omissions and inconsistent data recorded”. He adds that every word matters, and in as much as you have to tell the truth, you have to be careful with the information you give. Chek out eligibility criteria and required documents for obtaining Australia PR.

4. Know Exactly What You Are Going to Do There

This point might be simple and obvious. But it matters. One wealthy Visa applicant, who wanted a Significant Investor visa, subclass 188’ was asked for more details of the business she was going to do. She had written in the paper but the woman mumbled out some words. She was not sure about what she was saying. Her visa application process was stopped eventually”, he revealed.

5. Be Confident When Answering any Question Posed

Confidence is almost always equated with sincerity and truthfulness. When you are calm and confident in posture and speech, you will stand a chance to be believed. Fidgeting and sweating might portray you as guilty. If you get along well with the officers, they will consider your application.

6. Comply with the Authorities

“Everybody relates well will discipline people. Compliance is a show of discipline” he says. He adds that the authorities will not trust your application and details you fill in if some documents are missing. You want a successful application, produce anything that is needed. Check out the 3 tips to get your Australian visa application approved fast.

7. Dress Well

You might laugh at this point, but by looking smart, you portray responsibility. You win some respect. He emphasized that you must have your hair kempt and your clothes clean. “The bottom line is you must look neat and presentable,” he says. So the morning you will go submit your application, make sure you leave your house dressed well.

8. Be Organized

He revealed that being organized will win you some trust. When asked how the authorities will tell whether or not one is organized in a short interaction, he had this to say;

“You don’t have to come and arrange your papers at our offices. You had all your time at home. This is a sure way to know how organized you are. When you are asked to produce any document, produced in seconds. You should know well where to find it”

9. Mind Your Language

“Be polite when you are addressing any staff. Excuse yourself. Close the door behind you if you found it closed. Stop using your phone as you talk”. He says that such small things mean a lot during the interaction.

10. Beware of Stipulated Time Guidelines

Some Australian visa application requires English test among other requirements. You need to have those and any other documents ready in time. Failing to submit them will have the visa application canceled. Check out Australia immigration and visa eligibility.


What makes many Australian visa application rejected along the way while others are accepted is not something big nor are they grave omissions. They are the small things that many people ignore or take them for granted. If you abide by these insider secrets, your much-awaited dream to fly to Australia will come true.

Sneha Kapoor About Sneha Kapoor
Sneha Kapoor is a senior case manager at Radvision World, a certified and trustworthy immigration agency in Delhi for for overseas immigration process from India.