How to Choose the Right Immigration Agent for Visa Application



With growing number of immigration fraud cases, it is always a good idea to know how to choose the right immigration agents. Immigration process is often lengthy and expensive. If something goes wrong, you lose both your time and money. There have been many cases in which the agents have fled with the money. Other times, these agents provide wrong information or ask the client to commit fraud.

We understand the need to prevent this from happening and so here are tips from our consultants on how you can choose the right immigration agents:

Tip #1: Verify the Credentials of the Agent

You should ask the agent for their credentials. Certain certifications are required for working as a professional immigration consultant. Immigration rules are complex and lengthy. To know and understand them properly a formal education is required. Also, in most countries, immigration consultants require a degree. Make sure that you are approaching a certified immigration consultant.

Still, fake degrees can be created. Hence, it is up to you to verify the certifications of the consultant. You can simply ask for the certifications and contact relevant authorities to know about its validity. If invalid, you should immediately end services you’re acquiring from the consultant and report them to the authorities. Further, the authorities will decide and determine what should be done. Reporting the authorities will help both ways.

Tip #2: Reference

Just like you, many other applicants would have availed the services of the agent. You should ask the agent for contact details of these applicants. By contacting them, you can use them as a reference and find out about the validity and quality of service provided by the consultant.

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Moreover, you can type the name of the agent or the agency and check the reviews posted on the internet about them. There are many local listing websites that contain complete reviews of agents and immigration agencies.

Still, we would recommend that you personally contact the previous clients of the agent as these reviews can be faked. It is imperative as it helps you to fall on to wrong people.

Tip #3: Go through their Website

Go to the website of the immigration agent and know more about the kind of services that they provide. You can even get the contact details and prices from their website. If the price seems too low or the website seems to present wrong information then do not avail the services from the agent. In some cases, it has been found that agents keep the price a little lower than the actual rate to remove suspicion and lure in immigration applicants. So, having a thorough go through will help you to distinguish and finally go along with the right one.

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Tip 4: Fraud

If the agent asks you to misrepresent any information about yourself, forge documents or straight out lie, then end your services with them asap. In most scenarios, this ends up pretty badly for the client while the agent if off with their money. Also, report the agent to the authorities so that the same might not happen to any other person. This is very important so that it won’t be repeated in future with others.

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