Top 4 Tips You Need to Know Before Applying for UK Student Visa



Educational institutes in the UK such as Oxford are highly acclaimed for their excellent faculty and infrastructure. They have some of the best teachers and professors from whom students can learn. Also, in terms of technology, students get the learn the latest ones. This, in turn, has fueled the popularity of these institutions. Each year, UK receives student visa applications in hundreds of thousands.

Still, only a small percentage of applications received are approved. If you’ve applied for UK student visa and are a student, then you definitely wouldn’t want to get your visa application rejected considering the fact that the cost of an application can be more than GBP 300.

If you want to save both your time and money, then here are a few tips from expert visa consultants regarding UK Student Visa:

Tip #1: Attach all required Documents

You can get a checklist of documents required for UK student visa category. Make sure to get all the documents in time to apply for the visa application.

When you enroll in a UK educational institution approved by United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA,) you’ll receive a proof of admission to the institution. Without the evidence of your enrollment, your application will be rejected by the authorities. If you’re under the age of 16 then, you’ll have to apply for UK student visa Tier 4 (Child.) You’ll also need consent from parents or legal guardians.

Other eligibility criteria and required documents have been mentioned below:
● A passport that is valid for the next 6 months
● Proof of language proficiency through tests like IELTS and TOEFL
● Area resident or citizen of a country not included in European Economic Area (EEA.)
● Have enrolled into a UK institution for a full-time course
● Evidence of funds to support self and accompanying dependents throughout the period of your course

Tip #2 Prepare In Advance

It can take anywhere from a week to a month for your visa application to be processed. Also, if you forget to attach any document then the required time can increase immensely. To avoid all of this, our consultants recommend that you prepare all your documents in advance.

You should also prepare for the immigration interview. Keep the original copies of documents attached and carry them along when going for the interview. You should also study a little about the culture of UK.

Lying during the interview will only get you deeper into trouble. Not only will your visa application be rejected, but you may also be barred from ever applying for any UK visa. Stringent rules along with the strict verification process ensure that no one gets away with lying or misrepresenting information.

Tip #3 Manage your Finances

If you have decided to study in the UK, then manage to acquire enough money to support self and any accompanying dependents for the first year in the UK. You’ll have to garner enough funds to pay for the first year of college, books, and accommodation. You’ll have to put those funds into your bank account at least two weeks before applying for the UK student visa. Authorities want to ensure that the money present in your bank account is there to stay.

Tip #4 Acquire Medical and Character Certificates on Time

Many people miss the medical and character certificate cuz these certificates just don’t seem that important. Still, these are required documents and failing to attach or upload them will lead to rejection of your UK student visa application.


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You’ll have to get the medical certificate from an authorized physician. The medical certificate must include information about your current health status. The character certificate can be acquired from police station of the city you’ve been living in. The character certificate provides evidence that you weren’t convicted in any legal wrongdoings.

You’ll also have to check your records with countries you’ve previously lived in. If you’re implicated in any wrongdoing, then get your name cleared before applying for the visa. This is necessary because your immigration records are also taken into account by the visa authorities.


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