Tips to Securing Your United States Student Visa Successfully

united states student visa

united states student visa

If you are a student from a different country and wish to apply to study in the US, United States Student Visa is for you . Every year, a huge number of students from around the globe apply for studies in one of the best educational centers U.S.A. The visa application and receiving process requires a good lot of time and thus it is advised that you leave yourself with plenty of time to complete the formalities and requirements before the deadline. In addition, it is always advisable to consult a United States Student Visa lawyer in order to be sure that your application is submitted properly with all the complete details.

Whether for a short-term course or graduation or Ph.D., the student needs the U.S. student visa to enter the US for studies. There are two non-immigrant visas issued by the United States. The “F” and “M” visas, the “F” is reserved for the non-immigrants who wish to pursue academic studies while the “M” type is for the non-immigrants who are planning to pursue non-academic or vocational studies. The procedure for both is basically the same.

Step by step procedure

1. Decide the university you wish to apply. If you are still in dilemma as to what field you need to apply for, sort it soonest because you need an acceptance letter from the university to apply for the U.S. student visa.

2. Next, you need to sort as to what type of visa would suit you. As already mentioned there are 2 types of students’ visa issued by the U.S. authorities, here disclosing the third type. Apart from F1and M1, the third type of United States Student visa is J-1. The J-1 visa is issued for exchange students. Mainly the students coming from different countries for exchange programs. F1 is the most common form of student visa by the U.S. Government.

Student Visa Eligibility

A student who wishes to visit the united states for studies must apply for the US student visa of F1 type. There are certain eligibility criteria to which the student must adhere. So the first tip to secure your United States student visa successfully is to meet the eligibility requirements.

Following is a list of eligibility requirements which you are expected to meet while applying:

a) The student must have applied and is accepted to a qualifying U.S. educational institute.

b) He/she must be enrolled as a full-time student there.

c) The applicant should be proficient in English.

d) The applicant should have a proof of residence abroad.

e) The applicant must have overcome the assumptions of immigrant intent by providing proof to the home country.

The most difficult eligibility requirement stays the applicant has to prove that he/she does not intend to immigrate to the United States. Evidence like information on the family within the home country, ties to the institution, involvement in community or social clubs can be used to show non-immigrant intent. See why people want to immigrate to the United States.

Requirements for Visa applying

The documents required may vary from embassy to embassy. Mentioning here the basic document required.

a) Eligibility Certificate for Non-Immigrant (F1) plus the Student enroll status from the university.

b) Receipt of application fees.

c) DS-160 online form for the interview.

d) Valid Passport with an expiry dated not less than after six months.

e) Old passports.

f) Documents to indicate your financial stability such as bank slip.

g) Digital colored photograph.

h) And most importantly the degrees and diplomas from the universities or school you attended previously with standardized marks.

Next is the F1 visa interview

The interview determines your qualification and ability to be eligible for the visa. Digital fingerprints and retina tests are done. Furthermore, your passport is taken and you are informed as to when you can get it back.


a) Dress decently and formally because the first impression is certainly crucial s the interview is merely for five minutes.

b) Do not miss on carrying any documents and receipts which might be required.

c) Never hide or conceal any facts intentionally.

d) The interview won’t take more than five minutes but you need to be the best and honest to the best of your capability.

e) Take proper documents to prove your financial ability to afford the fees.

f) Be positive.

g) And answer the questions perfectly. Be prepared for some personal questions as well.

The most important fact remains that you should never cross the restrictions imposed on your visa because doing such can lead to your United States students visa termination.


Immigration laws intend to change often with time. Hence it is most advisable for the applicant to first read the current rules and eligibility criteria and later consult a U.S. student visa lawyer who would guide you the best and will help you successfully secure your visa well in time. You can also consult Immigrant Attorney or an expert for the same and collect the latest upgrade in rules.

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