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Things You Need to Know About Tourist Visa for Australia?

Australia, as a continent, has a diverse landscape. Mountains, water springs, lush green forests and surrounding waters attract seasoned travelers from all over the world. Sydney opera house represents the pinnacle of architectural genius. The Great Barrier Reef is frequented by tourists for scuba diving. You can observe the underwater world safely.

For shopping, you should try the Old Sydney town. The archaic backdrop of the entire town will give you the opportunity for a perfect selfie. Markets on the streets have art, craft, and clothes on display. Australia has a fairly smaller population in comparison to the US, and hence, you’ll be able to enjoy your solace with your loved ones. Also, people are helpful and are known for their hospitality.

Excellent infrastructure in Australia provides great connectivity throughout the country. You can even rent a car and drive them as fast as you want to on highways. If you’re planning to spend your day at the beach before going out on a tour, then you should rent a car. It will immensely reduce the time you spend commuting between different destinations. Plus, a personal rented car would provide you more freedom.


tourist visa categories

Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400)

This visa allows individuals to travel to Australia for short term or highly specialised work or to participate in an activity related to an Australian organisation.

Electronic Travel
Authority (subclass 601)

An ETA visa allows applicants from eligible countries to travel and stay in Australia for up to three months.

eVisitor visa
(subclass 651)

eVisitor visa allows applicants from eligible countries to visit Australia temporarily for tourism or business purposes.

Looking to Apply for Australia Tourist Visa? Follow these Visitor Visa Application Process to visit Australia

If you want to enter Australia as a tourist, then you need to apply for the Tourist Visa (Subclass 500.) Australia’s government also launched a Fast Track service for countries including India. For a little additional fee, you can get your visa application processed within 48 hours. If you have health problems or a bad immigration record, then you cannot apply for this service. In some cases, no additional fee may be levied on you.


You need to fill in the application form and submit it along with other required documents to your nearest AVAC(Australia Visa Application Center.) Once, you have done this, you’ll receive notification once your visa application has been processed.

Want to Get Visas for Travel to Australia? Read the Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Australian Tourist Visa

There aren’t many eligibility criteria for tourist visas. Still, there are some restrictions on Fast Track service for tourist visa. Some of these restrictions have been mentioned below:


  • Need to pay additional fee to fast track visa processing
  • Should not have a bad immigration track record
  • If less than 18, then must have consent from parents or lawful guardians
  • Heath certificate

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