Refund Policy

An advisor-client or consultant-client association is– and will continue to be–subject to a completely new contract of Legal Agreement decided and inked between both the parties, namely, Radvision World & client. The terms & conditions and refund policy of this type of an agreed and inked contract of engagement/agreement, for using the services of the immigration consultancy in its capacity as an advisor, is fully autonomous of the terms & conditions of usage of the given site

Each and every appropriate government and skills evaluation agencies charge, for all stages, may undergo a change at the sole decision of the government bodies even as the Radvision World lacks any control whatsoever over such a declaration. The client shall settle the charges as appropriate and sought from the immigration process, to a variety of government and associated groups, and for the purpose of testing. In a situation wherein the client has made the payment, the Radvision World does not offer and has not offered any sort of assurance that the petition shall materialize in the client’s favor.

This refund policy is to be read subject to your rights as per the Contract of Legal Agreement Signed between Radvision World and clients.

In case, the visa has been rejected in the following cases, no refund or compensation will be made:

  • If the client doesn’t shows up for his visa interview
  • If the client doesn’t obey the Embassy or Consulting board requirements
  • Lack of medical by the applicant or his family members provided in the form
  • Noavailability of original Police Clearance Certificate, just 3months old.
  • Submission of fake or bogus documents
  • Violation of any visa law or immigration law, previously done by the applicant or his family member.
  • Late compliance of an essential document required by the Embassy or consulate in a later period.
  • The applicant fails to get the minimum score in IELTS as required by the Company Consultant
  • In case, the applicant withdraws the visa process in between, we shall not be liable to offer any compensation or refund.
  • If the cap closes and your application gets on hold, we are not liable
  • There is no compensation if the client fails to pass the qualification credential .
  • If refunding, the service tax is non -refundable
  • The client claiming for refund, is eligible for refund will receive the refund in 90 days, once the refund form is filled
  • No Refund will be given for orders placed with Radvision World
  • Refund will be only processed if Radvision World rejects an application, if it does not meet the qualification criteria. Radvision World reserves the right to reject the application without providing any explaination.
Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation of an order placed with Radvision World with any concerned reason the full amount is forfeited and no money is refunded back.

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